Cucumber Canapes

  • Author: franklinfoods


Cucumber slices hollowed out and filled with cream cheese, shrimp and dill!



8 ounces Hahn’s Cream Cheese
3 Tbs fresh dill, minced
1 Tbs milk
1/2 tsp onion powder
1 cucumber
12 shrimp, cooked
1/4 red or orange bell pepper


  1. Mix together cream cheese, dill, milk and onion powder in a bowl until fully incorporated.
  2. Put the cream cheese mixture into a piping bag and put to the side.
  3. Slice a cucumber into 1 inch pieces, then using a spoon, hollow out a well in each slice.
  4. Pipe cream cheese into all of the cucumber cups evenly, creating an anchor for your other toppings.
  5. Place a shrimp on top of the cream cheese and garnish with more dill.
  6. Serve cold.

Keywords: appetizer, cucumber, shrimp