Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest that our products are not frozen, as the product texture may change during the thawing process, becoming slightly lumpy or grainy.

“A Use By Date” is stamped on the bottom of every package. If products are maintained under refrigeration up to this date, most will still be good for a few weeks beyond this date.

For information on where a particular product is sold, please contact our customer service department at: Please specify the brand, flavor, and the area of the country you would purchase in. Also, check our Franklin Foods News Page, connect with us on Franklin Foods Facebook Page and Franklin Foods Twitter Page to keep up on the latest news.

Direct Set describes the process we use to manufacture cream cheeses that are bursting with flavor. Unlike bland national brands, our products have a bold, fresh taste.

All of our products are made from milk or cream and therefore contain dairy proteins that can be allergenic to certain individuals. For more detailed information about a specific allergen or a specific product, please forward a detailed question to:

Most of our products are certified kosher under the Kof-K and OU-D emblems. We do not currently manufacture any products that are kosher for Passover under our retail brands. For a complete list of kosher products, please contact our customer service department at:

Yes; all retail products are sealed with a tamper-proof inner seal. If you notice that this seal is broken, or is not air tight, do not consume the product. Please notify our customer service department at: if this occurs.

Our cream cheese can be used in any recipe calling for cream cheese.

We are inspected by the Vermont Department of Agriculture, Arizona Department of Agriculture, The Food and Drug Administration, and independent auditors required by our various customers.

Franklin Foods is a certified Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 3 Food Quality and Food Safety Manufacturer. Franklin Foods is one of only 285 dairy manufacturers worldwide to achieve SQF Level 3 certification. We also utilize the FDA-approved Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) program ensures the food we produce is safe to consume. Under this program, our manufacturing processes are monitored from the point of receiving ingredients until the time finished products leave our shipping department.

We produce organic cream cheese. The Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF) is our organic certifying agency.

Our Greek Cream Cheese, Hahn’s Yogurt & Cream Cheese Spreads, Hahn’s Bakers Cheese, Hahn’s Cream Cheese, Green Mountain Farms Cream Cheese, Green Mountain Farms Dips and Spreads, and Lombardi’s Mascarpone are gluten-free. For information on other products, please contact us at: