Food Service

The foundation of Franklin Foods’ heritage and success is built on our relationships with food service, institutional, and industrial customers.

Since 1899, when Hahn’s Cream Cheese became a staple ingredient in New York-style cheesecake, we have developed revolutionary dairy products, produced them at the highest quality standards, and delivered them to the most discerning bakers, chefs, and kitchens.  That legacy continues today.

We pride ourselves on extraordinary customer service, satisfaction, and retention. When you start working with Franklin Foods, you can trust it will be for the long haul.

Product Innovation and Development

Franklin Foods is a key resource for corporate chefs, bakers, and new product development teams.  Our experience and technical capabilities position us to be an essential partner to anyone re-thinking their products and menus to meet consumer demand for innovative and healthful food options. For more information on how we might compliment and support your organization’s menu and kitchen, click here.


Franklin Foods offers comprehensive product lines and packaging capabilities. We have strategically-located manufacturing facilities in Vermont and Arizona, meaning we can confidently meet the demands of customers throughout the United States, and in many international markets. Our facilities are both certified as SQF 2000 Level 3 – the highest possible standards for food safety and quality. Check our Capabilities page for technical details.

Products and Brands

Franklin Foods produces a number of signature products under trusted brand names. Click through the list below for full details.

SimplyV – SimplyV is made from a few simple ingredients, including almonds, that make this cream cheese the most spreadable, bakeable plant-based cream cheese on the market.

Hahn’s Cream Cheese – Franklin Foods original brand, Hahn’s produces Bakers Cheese, Cultured Cream Cheese, Direct Set Cream Cheese, Flavored Cream Cheese and Neufchâtel.

Green Mountain Farms – The standard-bearer for classic cream cheese.  Available from 1 oz. portions to 30# bulk.

Lombardi’s Italian Classics – Lombardi’s Italian Classics start with the finest ingredients to make the make the best Mascarpone and Cream Cheese available.

Casa Grande Farms – Celebrating our Arizona facility is the Casa Grande Farms brand. Available in 8oz bars, 3Lb loaves and 30Lb. bulk for Food Service customers. Made with the freshest milk and cream from local dairy farmers.

Greek Cream Cheese – The industry’s first Greek Cream Cheese! Greek Cream Cheese is healthy, versatile, and simply delicious. Made with a patented blend of cream cheese it delivers more protein, less fat, and delicious taste to any recipe or application.