Hahn's Logo

Hahn’s Cream Cheese is named in honor of Frank Hahn – co-founder of the company that has evolved into Franklin Foods. Since 1899 when New York bakers relied on Hahn’s baking cheese as the key ingredient in the original New York style cheesecake, Hahn’s has been a loved and trusted brand for professional bakers and chefs.

Hahn’s has long been available to institutions and commercial kitchens, and is now available directly to home cooks and snackers through select retail outlets.

Hahn’s Cultured Cream Cheese is made from the freshest cream and milk available. This smooth and creamy product is perfect for baking, cooking, and spreading on bagels or crackers. Hahn’s was awarded a First Place medal during the 2015 American Cheese Society Championships.

Hahn’s offers soft Cream Cheese Spread cups in plain and other flavors including Jalapeño, Strawberry, and Onion and Chive. This is perfect for spreading on bagels, toast, crackers, and for dipping fresh vegetables.

Hahn’s also makes a Neufchâtel Cheese bar that has ⅓ less fat than Hahn’s original.