Culinary & New Product Development

Bowl of Cream Cheese

Innovation From Concept to Consumer

Franklin Foods is an innovator. We understand the challenges that corporate chefs, bakers and culinary development teams face in evolving markets. Regardless of your market sector, our expertise and experience can help you improve nutritional profiles, launch new products, and reduce costs.

Our award-winning and patented dairy ingredients address a variety of menu and product challenges, such as:

      • Reducing the fat in a decadent dessert
      • Cutting the calories in a savory sauce
      • Lowering the cholesterol in a flavorful condiment
      • Boosting the protein in a new product
      • Fine-tuning packaged food items that are on-trend with today’s health and wellness-minded consumer


Our team is ready to help you with your menu or product challenges!

New product development professionals

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