The future is plant-based. And we want to make it as enjoyable and delicious as possible while ensuring that the earth remains a planet worth living on. Starting with real, natural ingredients, we’re committed to creating high-quality products without compromise for today – and tomorrow. 

We have a 120-year history of making the best cream cheese and we have been making plant-based products for over 30 years. Experienced dairy-processors, we’re rethinking what cheese production looks like today so that future generations can experience the same indulgence tomorrow. It’s important that we not only make the best plant-based cream cheese, but that we do it while preserving the environment and its resources along the way. From Europe’s best-selling plant-based cheese to America’s newest offering, SimplyV is simple, wholesome, and delicious.

SimplyV is made from a few simple ingredients, including almonds, that make this cream cheese the most spreadable, bakeable plant-based cream cheese on the market. SimplyV has an incredibly delicious taste profile and in blind taste tests, SimplyV outperformed two major plant-based competitors on the most important attributes – flavor and creaminess.

Simple. Wholesome. Indulgent.
SimplyV It’s Velicious!