Re-Inventing Cream Cheese

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Franklin Foods is the World's Fastest Growing Cream Cheese Company

On a Mission to Re-Invent Cream Cheese For Today's ConsumerFranklin Foods Map

Franklin Foods, Inc., corporate offices are located in Boca Raton, FL, with manufacturing facilities in Enosburg Falls, Vermont and Casa Grande, Arizona. Franklin Foods is a Safe Quality Foods (SQF) Level 3 Certified cream cheese manufacturer. Franklin Foods began producing cheese in 1899 using fresh milk and cream from nearby farms. Today the Franklin Foods tradition of top quality, delicious taste and dairy innovation continues. Franklin Foods is the fastest growing cream cheese producer in the World and continues on its mission to "Re-Invent Cream Cheese for today's consumers." Franklin Foods' award-winning products are distributed to industrial, institutional, foodservice, private label, supermarket and club store accounts across the United States and numerous international markets.

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Greek Cream Cheese Highlights


Runner's World MagazineRunner's World Magazine "Best Foods for Runners" Award - Greek Cream Cheese

Best Foods for Runners - Breakfast Category

Breakfast is really the most important meal of the day. Make sure the first meal of your day has protein, fat, adn carbs to give you energy, keep you feeling full, and ramp up your metabolism.

The foods here, like all of our Best Packaged Foods for Runner's, were selected with the help from our panel of experts: Alissa Rumsey, M.S., R.D., spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; Kelly Pritchett, Ph.D., R.D., sports nutrition professor at Central Washington University; Emily Edison, M.S., R.D.; and Marni Sumbal, M.S., R.D.


The Dairy Good Cookbook

Celebebrating America's Dairy Farm FamiliesThe Dairy Good Cookbook

"The Dairy Good Cookbook is a celebration of the nation's nearly 47,000 dairy farm families and their contributions to American life. This is the first book from dairy farmers and those who bring dairy products from around the world to your table to share wholesome dairy ingredients, the great pride farmers have in their generations of hard work and entreprenuershp, the farmers' commitment to their animals, and their love of family. More than 100 recipes showcase the unique tastes and versatility of dairy, from cheese and yogurt to milk and butter, along with all the other ways dairies make recipes, well, dairy good!"

Order a copy from the Arizona Dairy Council



Franklin Foods Featured in Dairy Foods Magazine

Franklin Foods wants to make cream cheese new againRocco Cardinale, John Ovitt, Jon Gutknecht, Jil Gutknecht and Brian Ledding

Cream Cheese manufacturer Franklin Foods is on a mission to reinvent cream cheese. The company produces for retail, foodservice and private label and is currently the third largest cream cheese producer and the second-largest private label cream cheese manufacturer in the United States, according to the company.

Click here to continue reading the article: Franklin Foods wants to make cream cheese new again.



Arizona Dairy Council Teams Up with Franklin Foods and Caballero Dairy

The "Farm to Table" Tour Highlighted the Best of Arizona Dairy

The Arizona Dairy Council hosted 30 Dietetic interns from Arizona State University and the Maricopa County Department of Public Health to a 'Farm to Table" tour with an emphasis on connecting dietitians to Arizona agriculture and food production.

The day began with a visit to of Caballero Dairy where the interns learned about dairy farming, and concluded with a tour of Franklin Foods West and sampling of Greek Cream Cheese.

Arizona State University Students learning about dairy farming from Craig Caballero of Caballero Dairy in Eloy, Arizona.Arizona State University students enjoying a morning on the farm. Arizona State University Dietetic students at Franklin Foods West.ASU Dietetic students enjoying Greek Cream Cheese.


Greek Cream Cheese Now Available for Food ServiceGreek Cream Cheese Foodservice

Professional Chefs, Bakers and Food Service operators now have Greek Cream Cheese  to revolutionize their menus and operations. On trend with consumers' healthier eating goals. Delivers more protein, less fat, and 100% amazing flavor. Perfect in wide variety of uses: cheesecakes, frostings, sweet and savory fillings, spreading on bagels, fruits and vegetable. 100% amazing flavor. Available in 1oz. Portions, 3Lb Bars, 5Lb Tubs and 30Lb Bulk.






Greek Cream Cheese Now Available

Industry's First Greek Cream Cheese at WalmartWalmart

"We are seeing a huge rise in popularity for Greek foods, driven by the popularity of the Mediterranean diet and a move toward a balanced, simpler, and more pleasurable way of eating” said, Jon Gutknecht, CEO of Franklin Foods.  “We are thrilled to bring these authentic Mediterranean qualities to the cream cheese market and announce our expanded distribution with Walmart, which helps brings Greek Cream Cheese to a much wider audience." 


Hahn's Cream Cheese Available at WalmartHahn's Cream Cheese

Hahn's Cultured Cream Cheese is made from the freshest cream and milk available, this smooth and creamy product is perfect for baking, cooking, and spreading on bagels or crackers. Awarded a First Place medal during the 2015 American Cheese Society Championships. Available in 8oz. Bars, and 6oz. Tubs.  Available at Walmart!


Franklin Foods Receives Highest Level of Safe Quality Food Certification (SQF)

Frankln Foods' Vermont and Arizona Manufacturing Facilities Achieve SQF 2000 Level 3

Franklin Foods, the world's fastest growing cream cheese company, announced today it has received the highest level of certification by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF) for both its Casa Grande, Arizona and Enosburg Falls, Vermont facilities.






“Apparently, cream cheese and Greek yogurt have been having an affair, because I have found their love child.

Green Mountain Farms Cream Cheese & Greek Yogurt blend delivers to us a heavenly blend that tastes decadent, but without the guilt!...I promise you won’t regret it. It’s low cal, low carb, and delivers a boost of protein as well.”

- I'd Rather Be Eating Blog

“The cheescake has a more creamy and rich flavor than traditional cakes made with regular cream cheese, most likely due to the Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese.”

- Linsey Kernel Walmart Moms Blogger

“The kids have been enjoying it (Greek Cream Cheese) on bagels and toast. I've been decadent and tossed a couple of chunks into my morning omelet (mmm)...basicaly we've been enjoying the heck out of it!”

- Jenn Fowler Walmart Moms Blogger

“We especially loved adding (to the Fluff recipe) this new Greek Cream Cheese from Green Mountain Farms...I agree it was very rich and truly tasted delicious...this would be awesome served up on a bagel for lunch or breakfast for sure!”

- Colleen Padilla via Walmart Moms Blogger

“My absolute favorite healthy breakfast with greek yogurt cream cheese :) such a great alternative from butter, regular cream cheese and frostings. seriously, delicious and good for you”

- Demi via Pinterest

“Oh, and the moment when I spotted Greek Cream Cheese in my grocery store? Another legit top 10 moment of the week...I'm a much bigger fan of the flavor than I am of regular cream cheese. And it's a bit healthier too.”

- We Are Not Martha Food Bloggers

“Guys...this product is just what the home cook needed. The whole "low-fat" cream cheese which we all know, is not as tangy or smooth as the full fat version. Greek Cream Cheese is dare I say...better than any brand of full fat cream cheese out there today.”

- Chef Nick Peters via Foodgasm Blog

“We need your product here in Australia.”

- Rebecca'h via Facebook

“I LOVE this product!”

- Karen via Facebook

“Love it, love it LOVE IT!!!!!!!”

- Marie via Facebook

“Greek Cream Cheese, this stuff is delish!”

- Becky via Facebook

“Oh no! Last bit of #greekcreamheese”

- Theonlydelmy via Twitter

“My small whole wheat bagel was GREAT today, thanks to you. This newbie loves you!”

- Jeanette via Twitter

“My new favorite snack!! Celery with Greek Cream Cheese! Yummy.”

- Jodylynnfitness via Twitter

“Greek Cream Cheese...Didn't know I could love cream cheese anymore that I already did”

- Julia via Twitter

“We all love Greek yogurt but Greek Cream Cheese just raises the flavor bar! Yum-O”

- Must Be The Milk

“Oh my goodness...Greek yogurt cream cheese where have you been all my life?”

- Sarah via Twitter

“Just tried for the first time and totally loved it! Great flavor. Let me be your spokes-model! Haha”

- Kaytee via Twitter

“Think I found a healthier alternative to cream cheese...Greek Cream Cheese :)”

- The Versatile One via Twitter

“Greek Cream Cheese. Your product is one of the reasons I've been able to lose 63lbs.! So delicous, so healthy!”

- Mama Cougar via Twitter

“Just tried the Green Mountain Farms Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese. It was awesome. Thanks for making a healthier cream cheese that doesn't taste yucky! Shared it on my page.”

- Jaime via Facebook

“I would literally give my first born to it. Literally the best creation ever”

- Sarah via Facebook

“Greek is trending in my kitchen. I've just replaced my beloved Philly Cream Cheese b/c this is undeniably better.”

- Chick_Wrestler via Twitter

Frankin News

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

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Celebrate Summer with Franklin Foods!

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Dana's Greek Cream Cheese Scones

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Dana's "Anytime" Snack Tip

This week I decided to do another simple recipe, though slightly more versatile. This one can be used not only as a snack for one but also as an appetizer for a group of friends or an entire party.

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