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Greek Cream Cheese

As seen in The New York Times, Women’s Health Magazine, Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine, Fitness Magazine, SHAPE Magazine, Parents Magazine, Food Network Healthy Eats, The Huffington Post, The Baltimore Sun, Joy Bauer of the Today Show, Walmart Moms, The Tampa Bay Times, and more!

Greek Cream Cheese is our newest brand. It’s a simple pleasure that’s simply perfect. Greek Cream Cheese takes the essence of the Mediterranean diet and fills each bite with 100% wholesome protein and flavor.

Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese takes amazing and puts it on top of your bagel, the tip of your toast, the heart of your recipe. It’s not just full-flavored, it’s the way cream cheese was meant to be. Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese patented recipe results in a richer, fuller, and more decadent flavor experience than any cream cheese on the market. A velvety, silky reminder that with care and balance, we can have it all.

Greek Cream Cheese delivers the nutritional benefits consumers want: More protein and less fat than cream cheese, 100% Amazing Flavor. Available in multiple sizes and forms! The 8oz. Bar is perfect for baking and cooking, 8oz. Soft and 8oz. Whipped are incredibly spreadable, irresistibly edible, and perfect for every cream cheese occasion.

Hahn’s Cultured Cream Cheese

Hahn’s Cultured Cream Cheese is made from the freshest cream and milk available. This smooth and creamy product is perfect for baking, cooking, and spreading on bagels or crackers. Awarded a First Place medal during the 2015 American Cheese Society Championships. Available in 8oz. Bars, and 6oz. & 8oz Cups.

Green Mountain Farms

Do you miss real cream cheese? If so, then Green Mountain Farms Cultured Cream Cheese is the answer. Simple ingredients of milk and cream deliver a deliciously mild, smooth and creamy taste that’s perfect for baking, cooking, and spreading. Makes perfect cheesecake! Available at select retailers.