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Apparently, cream cheese and Greek yogurt have been having an affair, because I have found their love child. Green Mountain Farms Cream Cheese & Greek Yogurt blend delivers to us a heavenly blend that tastes decadent, but without the guilt!…I promise you won’t regret it. It’s low cal, low carb, and delivers a boost of protein as well.

I'd Rather Be Eating Blog

Linsey Kernel – Walmart Moms Blogger

The cheescake has a more creamy and rich flavor than traditional cakes made with regular cream cheese, most likely due to the Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese.

Linsey Kernel
Walmart Moms Blogger

Jenn Fowler – Walmart Moms Blogger

The kids have been enjoying it (Greek Cream Cheese) on bagels and toast. I’ve been decadent and tossed a couple of chunks into my morning omelet (mmm)…basicaly we’ve been enjoying the heck out of it!

Jenn Fowler
Walmart Moms Blogger

Colleen Padilla – Walmart Moms Blogger

We especially loved adding (to the Fluff recipe) this new Greek Cream Cheese from Green Mountain Farms…I agree it was very rich and truly tasted delicious…this would be awesome served up on a bagel for lunch or breakfast for sure!

Colleen Padilla
Walmart Moms Blogger

Demi – Pinterest

My absolute favorite healthy breakfast with greek yogurt cream cheese 🙂 such a great alternative from butter, regular cream cheese and frostings. seriously, delicious and good for you

Demi (via Pinterest)

We Are Not Martha Food Bloggers

Oh, and the moment when I spotted Greek Cream Cheese in my grocery store? Another legit top 10 moment of the week…I’m a much bigger fan of the flavor than I am of regular cream cheese. And it’s a bit healthier too.

We Are Not Martha Food Bloggers

Chef Nick Peters – Foodgasm Blog

Guys…this product is just what the home cook needed. The whole “low-fat” cream cheese which we all know, is not as tangy or smooth as the full fat version. Greek Cream Cheese is dare I say…better than any brand of full fat cream cheese out there today.

Chef Nick Peters
Foodgasm Blog

Rebecca’h – Facebook

We need your product here in Australia.

Rebecca'h (via Facebook)

Karen – Facebook

I LOVE this product!

Karen (via Facebook)

Marie – Facebook

Love it, love it LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Marie (via Facebook)

Becky – Facebook

Greek Cream Cheese, this stuff is delish!

Becky (via Facebook)

Theonlydelmy – Twitter

Oh no! Last bit of #greekcreamheese

Theonlydelmy (via Twitter)

Jeanette – Twitter

My small whole wheat bagel was GREAT today, thanks to you. This newbie loves you!

Jeanette (via Twitter)

Jodylynnfitness – Twitter

My new favorite snack!! Celery with Greek Cream Cheese! Yummy.

Jodylynnfitness (via Twitter)

Julia – Twitter

Greek Cream Cheese…Didn’t know I could love cream cheese anymore that I already did

Julia (via Twitter)

Must Be The Milk

We all love Greek yogurt but Greek Cream Cheese just raises the flavor bar! Yum-O

Must Be The Milk

Sarah – Twitter

Oh my goodness…Greek yogurt cream cheese where have you been all my life?

Sarah (via Twitter)

Kaytee – Twitter

Just tried for the first time and totally loved it! Great flavor. Let me be your spokes-model! Haha

Kaytee (via Twitter)

The Versatile One – Twitter

Think I found a healthier alternative to cream cheese…Greek Cream Cheese 🙂

The Versatile One (via Twitter)

Mama Cougar – Twitter

Greek Cream Cheese. Your product is one of the reasons I’ve been able to lose 63lbs.! So delicous, so healthy!

Mama Cougar (via Twitter)

Jaime – Facebook

Just tried the Green Mountain Farms Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese. It was awesome. Thanks for making a healthier cream cheese that doesn’t taste yucky! Shared it on my page.

Jaime (via Facebook)

Sarah – Facebook

I would literally give my first born to it. Literally the best creation ever

Sarah (via Facebook)

Chick_Wrestler – Twitter

Greek is trending in my kitchen. I’ve just replaced my beloved Philly Cream Cheese b/c this is undeniably better.

Chick_Wrestler (via Twitter)