Re-Inventing Cream Cheese

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Green Mountain Farms

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Greek Cream Cheese

As seen in The New York Times, Dr. Oz Magazine, Family Circle, Women's Health Magazine, Food Network Healthy Eats, SHAPE Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Baltimore Sun, Joy Bauer of the TODAY Show, Walmart Moms, Tampa Bay Times, and more! Visit the Greek Cream Cheese News page.

Greek Cream Cheese is our newest brand. Greek Cream Cheese takes the essence of the Mediterranean diet and fills each bite with 100% wholesome protein and flavor. Green Mounatain Farms Geek Cream Cheese takes amazing and puts it on top of your bagel, the tip of your toast, the heart of your recipe. Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese is a patented recipe resulting in richer, fuller, and more decadent flavor experience than any cream cheese on the market. A velvety, slilky reminder that with care and balance, we can have it all.

Delivers the nutritional benefits that consumers want: 4X More Protein, 1/2 the Fat than Cream Cheese, plus 100% amazing flavor. Available in 8oz. Bar that is perfect for baking and cooking. Visit the Greek Cream Cheese recipes page for lot's of delicious ideas!  The  8oz. Soft  and 8oz. Whipped are incredibly spreadable and irresistibly edible and perfect for every cream cheese occasion. Click here to learn more about Greek Cream Cheese.

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Greek Cream Cheese Flavors!  

Greek Cream Cheese is now available in three decadent flavors: Strawberry, Blueberry, and Onion & Chive.




Customer Feedback

"I opened up the container and the first thing I noticed was the pieces of roasted red pepper and artichoke, they were quite abundant. I took a spoonful and tasted. It was AWESOME!..." Click here to read the review by,  "If You Give A Girl A Chocolate" blogger. 

"Your yogurt cucumber garlic dip is the BEST. I love it. I have been looking for a cucumber dip forever. I can't believe I found it here in Fl. Please never stop making it. I have told all my friends and family how wonder it is. THANKS — Elaine from Florida.

"I live in Orlando, Fl...absolutely love your Red Pepper and Artichoke Dip!!! Where can I find it? I have only been able to find it in Publix Mt. Dora. Is the product at Costco's?? Please hurry...I'm having a party Friday night. Thanks so much — Dianne from Florida.

"I recently visited the west coast of Florida and purchased the award-winning Tzatziki Savory Yogurt Dip and loved it!" — Eneyeda from Florida.

"I purchased some Green Mountain Farms. I can't remember where I purchased it. I would like to buy some more. — Karen from Illinois.

"I want to let you know that you have a great product in your Tzatziki dips. I found them at Publix and I'm addicted! Both full of flavor, texture and just plain good! — Brenda from Florida 

Green Mountain Farms Green Mountain Farms Roasted Garlic Salsa Cream Cheese Dip 28oz. Club Size is Perfect for SummerGreen Mountain Farms Roasted Garlic Salsa Cream Cheese Snacking!

Available in select Costco stores in the Northeast!

A gourmet twist on a tasty classic! Delicious fresh roasted garlic salsa full of tomatoes and secret subtle spices, together with our cream cheese creates the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. Great for dipping, spreading and sharing! Plus 50-60% less fat and cholesterol than the leading brands.




Green Mountain Farms Cultured Cream Cheese

1st Place - 2012 American Cheese Society

Available Now in Select Retail Stores!Green Mountain Farms Cultured Cream Cheese 8oz. Bars

Green Mountain Farms Cultured Cream Cheese 8oz. Bars are made from simple ingredients of cultured cream and milk sourced from the St. Albans Coop and local dairy farms. Produced  in the heart of Vermont dairy country at our Enosburg Falls manufacturing facility. Made to strict cultured Cream Cheese specifications resulting in a mild, smooth and creamy taste.

Let Green Mountain Farms give you more! Desserts more decadent. Spreads more sumptuous. Dips more delicious. Perfect in all your recipes.

Taste the Vermont difference!

Green Mountain Farms Cream Cheese Spreads 1oz. Portion Cups

Look for Green Mountain Farms 1oz. Portion Cups at Select Retail Foodservice Locations! Green Mountain Farms Spreadable Cream Cheese 1oz. Plain Green Mountain Farms Strawberry Cream Cheese 1oz. PortionGreen Mountain Farms Light Cream Cheese 1oz. Portion

Green Mountain Farms 1oz. portions are served daily at Jason's Deli locations throughout the United States. Jason's Deli has been voted "Best Family Restaurant in America" by Parents Magazine because of its commitment to nutritious and delicious foods. Read the article.

Green Mountain Farms 1oz. portions are available in Light Plain, Strawberry, and Plain.

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