Re-Inventing Cream Cheese

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Private Label / Co-Pack

Franklin Foods is the Second Largest Retail Private Label Cream Cheese Supplier in U.S. 

Manufacturing Facilties in Enosburg Falls, Vermont and Casa Grande, Arizona

Franklin Foods Map

Franklin Foods has been a trusted private label and co-pack cream cheese supplier to a select group of nationally recognized accounts for many years. With the recent completion of expanded processing capabilities, Franklin Foods is now the second largest retail private label cream cheese supplier in the United States. With two strategically located manufacturing facilities—Enosburg Falls, Vermont and Casa Grande, Arizona Franklin Foods can easily satisfy both domestic and international customers.

Franklin Foods is the ideal primary or secondary cream cheese supplier for retailers, because of its comprehensive product line, packaging capabilities and easy to work with customer service. Products include: Cultured, Neufchâtel, Soft Body, Soft Light, Fat-Free, Whipped, and Flavored Cream Cheeses. Available in a variety of sizes from 1 oz. portions to 8 oz., 12 oz., 16 oz. cups to 8 oz. bars and 3 lb. bricks.

SQF 2000 Level 3 Certified

Franklin Foods is a Certified SQF 2000 Level 3 Food Safety and Food Quality Manufacturer. One of only 285 dairy processing manufacturers worldwide to achieve this distinction.  

Dairy Foods Magazine Top 100 List - Franklin Foods Ranks Amongst North America's Largest Processors 

Dairy Foods Magazine Top 100 - Franklin Foods

Franklin Foods has been included in the Dairy Foods Magazine Top 100 rankings of North America's largest processors. Click here for the entire list.




Start Increasing Sales With Your Brand Cream Cheese Today

Private Label Tub and Bar ImageAccording the Private Label Manufacturers Association, "For American consumers, store brands are brands like any other brands. In a new nationwide study by Ipsos-MORI, seven out of ten shoppers believe that the private label products they buy are as good, if not better, than their national brand counterparts. Four in ten now identify themselves as “frequent” store brand shoppers and nearly half of all consumers say that their typical market basket contains 25% or more of store brand products."



It's Easy to Get Started - Here's How

Franklin Foods makes it easy to get started or make a change from your existing supplier. Our expertise with recipe formulation, packaging design, labeling compliance, and distribution will have you regaining market share and building sales in weeks. Call or email for more details.

 Franklin Foods Retail Private Label Cream Cheese Products


  Franklin Foods Private Label Cream Cheese Products


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