Re-Inventing Cream Cheese

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Runner's World MagazineRunner's World Magazine "Best Foods for Runner's" Award - Greek Cream Cheese

Best Foods for Runners - Breakfast Category


Breakfast is really the most important meal of the day. Make sure the first meal of your day has protein, fat, adn carbs to give you energy, keep you feeling full, and ramp up your metabolism.

The foods here, like all of our Best Packaged Foods for Runner's, were selected with the help from our panel of experts: Alissa Rumsey, M.S., R.D., spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; Kelly Pritchett, Ph.D., R.D., sports nutrition professor at Central Washington University; Emily Edison, M.S., R.D.; and Marni Sumbal, M.S., R.D


Franklin Foods Wins Gold at American Cheese Society CompetitionHahn's Brand Voted #1 Cream Cheese in North America

Hahn's Cream Cheese Brand Voted #1 Cream Cheese in North America

Delray Beach, FL  – Franklin Foods Holdings, Inc., the world's fastest growing cream cheese company, announced today that it was awarded First Place at the 2015 American Cheese Society Competion held in Providence, Rhode Island.

Franklin Foods "Hahn's Cream Cheese was awarded 1st Place in the category "Fresh Unripened Cheeses – Mascarpone and Cream Cheese Made from Cow's Milk.' Other brands recognized in the category include Arthur Schuman, who took 2nd place for its Cello Rich and Cream Mascarpone adn Lactalis American Group, who also took 2nd for its Mascarpone. Alouette Cheese USA was awarded 3rd Place for it California Cow Cream Cheese.

"It's truly an honor to take first place in this prestigious industry award from the American Cheese Society Competition," said Jon Gutknecht CEO of Franklin Foods. "This is a testament to our commitment  to dairy innovation and to delivering the highest quality cream cheese available. We could not have done this without the support of our team and the partnerships we have with dairy farms in Vermont and Arizona."

Press Release PDF

Expanded Natural Gas Service: Good for Regional Economy in Enosburg

Enosburg Falls, Vt. – Vermont Gas today announced that after more than a year of natural gas service in Enosburg, customers are saving significantly and emissions have been reduced.

The community has reduced carbon emissions by an estimated 1,216 tons in the same period, equivalent to the entire annual energy use of 111 Vermont homes.

"We were very happy to play a role in bringing this cleaner, more affordable fuel choice to our region,' said Jon Gutknecht, president and CEO of Franklin Foods. "Converting to natural gas has helped to strenghten our local company, is helping us to be more competitive in the global marketplace and making a substantial contribution to our environmental goals."

Click here to read the entire press release.


Franklin Foods Featured in Dairy Foods MagazineDairy Foods Magazine Feature Article_Rocco Cardinale, John Ovitt, Jon Gutknecht, Jill Gutknecht, and Brian Ledding

Franklin Foods wants to make cream cheese new again

By Sarah Kennedy

Cream Cheese manufacturer Franklin Foods is on a mission to reinvent cream cheese. The company produces for retail, foodservice and private label and is currently the third largest cream cheese producer and the second-largest private label cream cheese manufacturer in the United States, according to the company.

Click here to continue reading the article: Franklin Foods wants to make cream cheese new again. 

Feature Article PDF download.

Arizona Midday

Watch Destry Jetton and Terri Verason kick-off National Nutrition Month with some tasty, delicious, and healthy tips using Greek Cream Cheese.

Food Processing Magazine

Product Development Trends: The Greek Effect Spreads

David Philips, Technical Editor of Food Processing Magazine, explores the impact of Greek yogurt both inside and outside the dairy case. Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese is highlighted. Read the entire article

Men's Fitness

Guy Food—New Protein-Boosted Packaged Foods by Dana Leigh Smith

Lisa Moskovitz, RD, CPT, CDN, and CEO of NY Nutrition Group reviews 12 new protein-boosted packaged foods in the September issue of Men's Fitness Magazine, and gives Greek Cream Cheese a thumbs up.




Today's Dietitian Magazine

Dairy's Probiotic Power—What's New in the Dairy Case by Juliann Schaeffer

Take a peek in the August issue of Today's Dietitian and read why Sonya Angelone, MS, RDN, CLT, and a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, likes Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese.





Fitness Magazine

Batter Up!

"Pass the syrup" and "protein packed" can coexist. These carbtastic new breakfast foods have two or more times as much hunger-busting protein as their conventional counterparts. FlapJacked Protein Pancake Mix, Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese, and Nature Valley Cranberry Almond Protein Crunchy Granola.




Dr. Oz - The Good Life Magazine

It's All GREEK (yogurt, that is)

Greek Life - The popular yogurt stars in a variety of new products. Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese, Plum Fruit Squeezers, Richland Greek Yogurt Bars, and Ben & Jerry's Greek Frozen Yogurt.





Lisa Ragone, RD, Food Director for Family Circle Magazine


These days yogurt comes in so many different varieties that you can it eat at every meal. Sample a few delicious new ways to get your calcium. Spread Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese on your toast for more protein and half the fat of traditional cream cheese, plus live and active cultures.


It's Greek to CG: Yogurt, cream cheese plants nearly setJohn Ovitt GM & VP of Operations and Rocco Cardinale, VP of Franklin Foods West_Franklin Foods West Dairy Plant Launch in Arizona_Image courtesy of CGD

Area cows will supply the anticipated huge demand for milk at two new Casa Grande facilities

By BILL COATES, Valley Life EditorCasa Grande Valley Newspapers Inc.

The Commonwealth-Ehrmann dairy partnership makes Greek yogurt on a big scale. Franklin Foods makes Greek cream cheese. Making yogurt calls for milk. Making cream cheese calls for milk and cream.

And that calls for cows, lots of cows.

The Casa Grande Valley has them, said Dennis Dugan, a Casa Grande dairyman and a board member of the United Dairymen of Arizona.

“There’s about 90,000 milk cows within 30 miles of Casa Grande and that’s one reason they came here,” Dugan said.

They being Commonwealth Dairy and Franklin Foods. They both selected Casa Grande for new dairy-product plants. Nearly ready for business, the plants bookend The Property Conference Center on West Gila Bend Highway, also known as Arizona 84.


Shape Magazine

Best Dressed

Shape Magazine - August, 2013: Mayo, ketchup, and cream cheese are America's go-to toppers, but they're not exactly nutritional heroes. That's why we were thrilled to disover these healthy and tasty version.

Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese. With more protein and half the fat of regular schmear, this tangy mix of cream cheese and Greek yogurt is delicious on bagels or as a base for sauces.


Vermont Gas to Expand Natural Gas Service to City of EnosburgPhoto Credit:

600 residential & business customers could save $1.5 million per year, reduce GHG emissions by 1,900 pounds per year

By Melissa Howell, WCAX, July 11, 2013: There's a new source of energy coming to Enosburg. "I'm so pleased to be able to work bring natural gas to this community," said Don Gilbert of Vermont Gas. Vermont Gas is laying the pipes for natural gas, a project they will have major economic and environmental benefits for companies like Franklin Foods and residents. "We think it's a no-brainer for us and the community has welcomed it and it's going to save so much money for the schools and everybody in their residential place, we think it's great," said Nord Brue of Franklin Foods. Click here to view the WCAX news segment.

Florence Fabricant, The New York Times, Greek Cream Cheese Review

To Shmear: Greek Yogurt on a Bagel? In a Manner of Speaking

By Florence Fabricant, The New York Times, Diners Journal - May 1, 2013: If Greek yogurt in frozen pops and energy bars is not enough, here is some in cream cheese. But cream cheese with merit: Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese, made by Frankklin Foods in Ensoburg Falls, Vt, Click here for Florence's entire review. 

Tom Vierhile, Innovation Insights Director for Datamonitor Consumer

Natural Products Insider: Protein Powers: New Product Innovation

By Tom Vierhile, Natural Products Insider - June 10, 2013: Almost every year brings a new wave of packaged foods and beverages transfixed on one nutrient or another...Today, protein is the new powerhouse nutrient for packaged goods and beverage products...But the Greek yogurt story goes beyond frozen yogurt. The newest trend is to leverage Greek yogurt into other foods. Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese with Greek Yogurt from Enosburg Falls, VT-based Franklin Foods has twice the protein and half the fat of regular cream cheese. Click here for Tom's entire article.

Jill Waldbeiser, Women's Health Magazine, Food & Nutrition Editor, Greek Cream Cheese Review

Greek Yogurt Mini Cheesecakes Recipe: Favorite Dessert with half the fat, twice the protein

 Women's Health Magazine - April 6, 2013: Greek yogurt - is there anything it can't do? You can eat it, freeze it, cook with it, and now make other foods out of it. Green Mountain Farms Greek Cream Cheese got the idea to combine two of the world's favorite dairy products with less fat, more proteinl, live and active cultures that you can also use to make cheesecake. Click here for Jill's entire review and recipe.

Sarah Kennedy, Dairy Foods Magazine, Yogurt's domination goes beyond the dairy aisle

Dairy Foods Magazine - April 15, 2013: Greek yogurt is leading the way in new product innovations and helping to keep yogurt on everyone's radar. Processors continue to introduce new yogurt flavors in the Greek and regular, and many are finding new ways to incorporate yogurt into other foods...Franklin Foods, Enosburg Fall, Vt., makers of Green Mounain Farms, invented  the first Greek yogurt cream cheese. Click here to read the entire article.

Lisa Polis, The Huffington Post, Greek Yogurt Food Invasion Continues As Product Is Added to Cream Cheese, Hummus And More

Huffington Post Healthy Living - March 6, 2013: It's been a whirlwind past few years for the Greek yogurt industry. Greek yogurt has gone from one percent of the yogurt market in 2007 to 36 percent currently, with the potential to reach around 50 percent of the market share. Click here for Lisa's entire article.

Richard Gorelick, The Baltimore Sun's Restaurant Critic's Greek Cream Cheese Review

Baltimore Sun's "Baltimore Diner" Blog Post - February 13, 2013: We get lots of announcements of new products. We mostly ignore them, but this one got our attention - "the launch of industry's first Greek Cream Cheese...We set them out with pita chips. Everyone who tried it loved it, and most tasters preferred it to their regular cream cheese..." Click here for Richard's entire article.  

Cheese Market News Retail Watch Aricle: Franklin Foods

New Arizona Facility to Expand Western U.S. Distribution

Kate Sander: Franklin Foods is on a mission to re-invent cream cheese for todays' consumer, and as the company begins to offer Greek Cream Cheese and prepares to open new facility in Casa Grande, Arizz., it appears the mission is well underway and successful.

Click here to read the entire article.

Dairy Foods Magazine - Franklin Foods creates Greek yogurt cream cheese

December 10, 2012 - Click here to read the entire article.

Dairy Foods Magazine - Greek Yogurt Stars in the Dairy Case

Greek Outside the Box

November 14, 2012 -- Aritcle excerpt by Author Sarah M. Kennedy

The Greek yogurt influence is beginning to show up in other cultured dairy products as well. Processors are using it as an ingredient in butter, smoothies, dips, cream cheeses and of course, freezing it. Greek yogurt is everywhere.  

This summer, Alpharetta, Ga.-based Tryst Gourmet LLC, owner of Eat Well Enjoy Life, makers of non-chick pea hummus, created a hummus containing Greek yogurt. Franklin Foods, Enosburg Falls, Vt., owners of Greek Mountain Farms, launched a Greek yogurt cream cheese said to contain twice the protein and half the fat of regular cream cheese, plus live and active cultures.  Along with Yoplait’s other introductions, it also added frozen smoothies with Greek yogurt to its line.

Click here for entire article.

Joy Bauer, M.S., RD Health & Nutrition Expert for the TODAY Show Greek Cream Cheese Review     Greek Cream Cheese 8oz.

Joy Bauer on Whosay -- October 17, 2012: "Healthy Food Find! I am loving this Greek Cream cheese spread from Green Mountain Farms. It has 1/2 the fat of regular cream cheese, 2x the protein, plus a dose of live and active cultures. The whipped version delivers the best calorie bargain -- and is delicious to spread on a toasted whole-wheat sandwich thin!" Click here for Joy's Whosay review.



Dairy Foods Magazine Top 100 List - Franklin Foods Ranks Amongst North America's Largest Processors

Dairy Foods Magazine August IssueAugust 15, 2012: For the second year in a row Franklin Foods has been included in Dairy Foods Magazine "Dairy 100" rankings of North America's largest processors. Franklin Foods ranks #94. Click here for the entire list.



Vermont Honored in the Cheese, Pastry and Restaurant World - Burlington Free Press

August 10, 2012: Ten Vermont cheese companies brought home nearly 30 awards from the American Cheese Society’s annual competition this past weekend.

At the American Cheese Society’s annual conference, about 1,600 cheeses competed in more than 100 categories.

Vermont Butter and Cheese Creamery, of Websterville, took home four first place awards for its quark, Coupole (an original recipe goat’s cheese), goat’s milk feta and crème fraiche. The company took home a barn-full of other ribbons for its mascarpone, fromage blanc, Cremont and others.

Franklin Foods, of Enosburg Falls, won first for its cultured cream cheese and third place ribbons for its Hahn’s cultured cream cheese and strawberries n’ cream Hahn’s yogurt and cream cheese.

Click here to read entire article.

Tapping Into Employee Creativity - Article By Damian Killen

December 7, 2011: Author Damien Killen writes a timely article on the hot topic of innovation, idea creation and personality types. Thanks to Damien for including the marketing of Hahn's Yogurt Cream Cheese in the article. Click here to read the entire article. 

Franklin Foods Achieves "Dairy 100" List of North America's Largest Processors - Dairy Foods Magazine

Dairy Foods Magazine 18th Annual Dairy 100

August 15, 2011: The 18th Annual Dairy 100 listings of the largest dairy-food processors in North America. Franklin Foods ranks #95. Click here  and login for the entire list. 



Dips & Spreads Score Gains - Reported by Frozen & Dairy Buyer Magazine

Frozen & Dairy Buyer Magazine - June 2011

June 15, 2011: Frozen & Dairy Buyer Magazine provides an in-depth overview of the current refrigerated dips and spreads category in the June issue. Rocco Cardinale, director of marketing, provides insights of this dynamic and rapidly growing category. Visit or click here for the article.


St. Albans Cooperative CreamerySt. Albans Young Cooperator Program Visits Franklin Foods - As Seen in the St. Albans Messenger

February 20, 2011: St. Albans Messenger reports that the St. Albans Cooperatives Young Cooperator program continues to be an important aspect of the St. Albans Cooperative and the Young Cooperatives have served as spokespersons for the Cooperative and ambassadors for the dairy industry. In December 2010, the Young Cooperators held a successful Annual meeting in St. Albans, which included the "Telling Your Story" training offered by dairy promotion, and a plant tour of Franklin Foods in Enosburg Falls. Click here for the story.

FrDairy Foods Magazine - January 2011 Issueanklin Foods Awarded Business of the Year - As Seen in Dairy Foods Magazine

January 15, 2011: Franklin Foods has been awarded Vermont's "Franklin County Business of the Year" for 2010 by the Franklin County Industrial Development Corporation (FCIDC). The award acknowledges Franklin Foods commitment to its employees, community and manufacturing facility investments in New England's largest dairy county and milk shed. Click here to read the Supplier News.


California Floods, Northeast Blizzard Challenge Industry - Reported by Cheese Market News

December 31, 2010: Franklin Foods reaps the benefits of planning, increased production capacities, and team member execution to meet production demands during recent weather challenges in the Northeast. Read Rena Archwamety's article on how the dairy industry deals with floods and blizzards. Click here to read the article.

Third-Party Certification Helps Meet Demand for Food Safety - Reported by Cheese Market News

November 12, 2010: Franklin Foods is not only at the forefront of dairy technology but, also leader in adopting the strictest Safe Quality Foods (SQF) manufacturing protocols and procedures. Read Rena Archwamety's article on the importance of third-party SQF certification by innovative dairy manufacturers. Click here to read the article.

Fourth U.S. Patent Approved for Hahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese - Reported by Cheese Reporter

July 30, 2010:  Franklin Foods, Inc. has been issued its fourth patent from United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for Hahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese. Patent number 7,763,294 has been issued to inventors Jon Gutknecht and John Ovitt for a technique for making a lowfat yogurt-cheese composition. The timeliness of the fourth patent approval for Hahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese correlates with a growing demand within institutional channels for lowfat ingredients to help reduce the fat, calories and cholesterol in mainstream consumer packaged goods. This demand is due to rising obesity rates and consumers continued desire for healthier food alternatives. Click here to read the article.

Raising Your Cultural Awareness - Article by Sharon Gerdes.

Dairy Foods June 2010 Issue

June 15, 2010: Sharon Gerdes writes a timely article on the versatility of yogurt in both sweet and savory items. Yogurt's versatility is now seen from smoothies, frozen desserts, baby food, dips, and dressings. Green Mountain Farms Tzatziki Yogurt Dips are part of this next wave of healthful indulgence. Article link.

Hahn's Bakers Cheese Featured in Leading OU Kosher Magazine - Behind the Union Symbol

Cover Behind The Union SymbolJanuary 2, 2010:  Read how Hahn's Bakers Cheese helps chefs and bakers re-invent their menus and products to appeal to today’s consumer who is searching for naturally healthier foods that are delicious. As the “Perfect Protein,” Hahn’s helps chefs and bakers satisfy this consumer need.

Behind the Union Symbol is the highly acclaimed quarterly magazine of the Orthodox Union’s Kashruth Division for current and prospective Kosher certified companies. 

The publication, which in only a few years has become the premiere kosher trade magazine, features technical articles on the scientific and halachic aspects of kosher food production, company profiles, tips on maximizing a kosher program, as well as sometimes whimsical and always fascinating articles on how the OU’s rabbinic experts bring their skills to more than 6,000 plants in 77 countries worldwide. A must read for food executives, marketing officers and plant personnel. 

According to the OU Kosher organization, Behind the Union Symbol is read by over 6,000 food executives and reaches 6,000 food manufacturing facilities worldwide, as well as food industry leaders, editors and analysts.

Click here for the article on Hahn's Bakers Cheese.

Best New Product Award for Green Mountain Farms Dips & Spreads - Awarded by Refrigerated &Green Mountain Farms - Best New Product Frozen Foods Retailer Magazine

October 15, 2009: The new Green Mountain Farms Tzatziki Savory Yogurt Dips are the recipient of the "Best New Products Award" by leading industry magazine Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Retailer.  The Green Mountain Farms brand was acknowledged for being above and beyond in quality (product or packaging) or unique in nature, all products were evaluated and judged on the way they met consumer trends.

Third U.S. Patent Approved for Hahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese - Reported by Cheese Reporter

August 28, 2009: Franklin Foods, Inc. is pleased to announce that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)  issued patent number 7,572,473 to inventors Jon Gutknecht and John Ovitt for the award-winning Hahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese.  This is the third patent for Hahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese.

These key patent approvals allow for protected manufacturing, marketing and distribution of  Yogurt & Cream Cheese across dairy, food service, culinary and retail categories, which will have a positive impact on consumers' health and wellness.  Click here to read the article.

Franklin Foods Wins 3 Medals at 2009 American Cheese Society Competition - Full Contest Results in Cheese Market News

August 12, 2009: Franklin Foods amazed the judges by winning medals for Hahn's Cultured Cream Cheese, Hahn's Neufchâtel, and the patented Hahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese, at the 25th Annual American Cheese Society Judging and Competition held in Austin, Texas on August 5-8.  The American Cheese Society is the country's premiere platform for cheese industry research and education.  Click here for results.

National Launch of Hahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese a Success During SNA ConferenceSchool Nutrition Association Booth

July 25, 2008: The launch of the Hahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese brand for schools across the United States was the hit of the 62nd Annual School Nutrition Association Conference in Philadelphia. Hahn's was met with rave reviews and nearly 1,000 product samples were handed out in 12 hours to attendees. The Hahn's brand appeared with SNA Directors during in-studio interviews on three Philadelpha TV stations - CBS 3, Fox 29 and CN 8 Your Morning. Hahn's will be served daily to over 2 million students throughout the Northeast and Southeast United States. Click here to watch the video.


FoodBiz Kids Rate Hahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese a Winner

The industry leading Food Processing Magazine tested Hahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese with their FoodBiz Kids student product testers.  Click here to read the full reviews.

Franklin Foods Profile - As Featured in Food & Drink Quarterly

Vermont cream cheese maker Franklin Foods provides the first-ever yogurt and cream cheese with a patented process that promises to bring healthier life to an established dairy category. Written by David Soyka

Click here to read the article.


Hahn's Yogurt & Cream CheeseSpreading Culture - Hahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese Featured in Dairy Foods Magazine

Amid calls for nutrition and portion control, Franklin Foods hits it big with its yogurt cream cheese. By James Dudlicek.

May 1, 2008: The #1 Dairy Magazine in the U.S. features Franklin Foods and Hahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese. Click here to read the article.


NBC Today Show Features Vermont Cheese

February 21, 2008: The NBC Today Show aired a special “TODAY Takes a Winter Break feature live from Sugarbush Ski Resort in Warren, Vermont. During the four-hour broadcast a segment highlighted Vermont specialty foods and cheeses, and the three Franklin Foods brands – Vermont Gourmet, Hahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese, and All Season's Kitchen were on display along with 35 Vermont Cheese Council members.

Success of Hahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese Featured on NECN-TV Boston, Massachusetts


Franklin Foods - As Seen in Wired Magazine

Schmear Campaign

It's smooth and spreadable – but it's got researchers whipped up.  How a Wisconsin lab is hacking the chemical code of cream cheese.  By Joshua Davis

Article excerpt:

Franklin Foods, the fifth-largest cream cheese manufacturer in the US, is a good example. In the past few years, the company has combined cream cheese with yogurt, walnuts, maple syrup, smoked salmon, and strawberries. It has also reengineered its spread to grip bagels better. Franklin can’t compete with Kraft on price, but according to company president Jon Gutknecht it can try to change the way consumers think about the product. Gutknecht believes that the cream cheese market is like the ice cream market 25 years ago – only a few flavors dominate. People didn’t know that ice cream could be more exciting than butter pecan. For Gutknecht, the model is obvious: He wants to be the Ben & Jerry’s of cream cheese. “The mission of our company,” he says, “is to reinvent cream cheese.”

Click here to read the article.

All Season's Kitchen Brand on #1 Food Show in New England

All Season's Salsa Cream Cheese was featured on a Superbowl snacking segment during New England's #1 Food Show, TV Diner with Billy Costa, on NECN.

Hahn's Yogurt & Cream CheeseHahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese - As Featured in the Wall Street Journal

Small Firms Turn to Marketing BzzAgents - Advertising Campaigns Based on Word of Mouth Try to Jump Start Sales

By Tara Siegal Bernard

Article excerpt:

At a post-wedding brunch, Mary McNealy's friends were complaining about all of the carb- and fat-laden foods, like bagels and cream cheese, beckoning from the buffet. So, she took the opportunity to inform her buddies of her latest healthy discovery: Hahn's Yogurt & Cream Cheese Spread.

Ms. McNealy, 27 years old, didn't discover the creamy concoction at her local market. She learned about it because, though a Yale University grad student by day, she has another identity: buzz agent. She has been enlisted by a buzz, or word-of-mouth, marketing campaign to evangelize about a product.

In recent years, word-of-mouth marketing has gained popularity among big companies, which fear that traditional advertising has lost its punch in this age of information overload. But now, some small companies are getting in on the buzz, hoping to achieve outsize results.

Click here for the entire article.

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