Re-Inventing Cream Cheese

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What is Hahn’s Yogurt & Cream Cheese?

Hahn's is the next generation in cream cheese and satisfies your family's need for tasty, nutritious, and convenient foods that fit easily into your demanding lifestyle. Hahn's is a blend of 100% cream cheese and real non-fat yogurt. The results are a taste sensation that is easy to spread on bagels and fun to dip crackers or fruit. Having 33% less calories, 60% less fat, 55% less cholesterol, and 30% less sodium than the leading cream cheese brand makes Hahn's the perfect "anytime" treat.

Can I use Hahn’s Yogurt & Cream Cheese like my regular cream cheese?

Yes, the taste, texture and flavor profiles of Hahn’s can easily substitute full-fat cream cheese. Hahn’s consumer product research has shown that 85% of consumers would substitute Hahn’s for their regular cream cheese.

Is Hahn’s Kosher?

Yes, Hahn’s is Kof-K Kosher Certified.

Is Hahn’s Gluten-Free?

Yes, Hahn’s Yogurt & Cream Cheese is gluten-free.


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