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Franklin Foods Welcomes Interns to Arizona!

August 5th, 2015 (franklin)

Interns Jack from Florida and Anthony from Ohio have successfully completed visits to Franklin Foods in Arizona for a two-day “Farm to Table” immersion experience into the Arizona dairy industry. Many thanks to the teams at T & K Dairy in Stanfield, United Dairyman of Arizona in Tempe, and Franklin Foods West in Casa Grande.

Team Franklin Foods with Jack Tusa at Franklin Foods West in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Team Franklin Foods with Jack Tusa at Franklin Foods West in Casa Grande, Arizona.

T & K Dairy in Stanfield Arizona.

T & K Dairy in Stanfield Arizona.

Rocco Cardinale and Anthony LaMacchia visiting the United Dairyman of Arizona facility in Tempe.

Rocco Cardinale and Anthony LaMacchia visiting the United Dairyman of Arizona facility in Tempe.

United Dairyman of Arizona in Tempe.

United Dairyman of Arizona in Tempe.

Dairy Cows in Arizona?

July 19th, 2014 (franklin)

By Rocco Cardinale

The number one question I’ve had over the last two years has been, “There are dairy cows in Arizona?” This is a seemingly logical question when the sweltering heat and desert landscape are the typical images that come to mind when most of us picture Arizona. Those were my images as well, primarily because they are true.

Yes, it’s hot and dry for a good part of the year in the southwest Arizona county of Pinal, and it’s also the heart of a robust dairy milkshed. Yes, it feels as if you’re going to accidentally “mosey” (that will be my only Western movie reference, promise) right onto the movie set of an old cowboy picture with cacti in the background and the perfect tumbleweed rolling on by. The John Wayne vibe is still alive and well, especially in Casa Grande, where the “Duke” spent a great deal of time. Coincidentally, a portion of his Red River Ranch is now part of a dairy operation owned by Tom and Kathy Dugan. More about the Dugan’s later.

Just how much milk is produced in Arizona? Oh, about 4.4 billion pounds a year, ranking Arizona 15th in the U.S.  A majority of this milk is produced by the 86 member farmers of the United Dairyman of Arizona Cooperative (UDA). UDA collects the milk from each farm, and at their state-of-the-art processing facility in Tempe, pasteurizes the fluid milk for local bottlers and manufacturers. Cream and butter are also produced, as well as powdered milk for domestic and global distribution.

One of the original Arizona dairy families is the Dugan’s. Dennis Dugan, of Triple D Dairies and his five brothers (Dan, Pat, Mike, Richard, and Tom) are all dairy farmers. Only Richard in no longer active.  The Dugan’s parents, Delores and Mike, moved from Wisconsin to Arizona in 1962 with their six boys.  Today the Dugan brothers milk about 30,000 cows. After spending time with Dennis and touring the dairy farm, one thing is very clear, he still enjoys the dairy business. He effortlessly moves from topics on the latest herd cooling technology, global dairy issues and practices, to his new family foundation that will benefit underprivileged children. This family owned business represents the history and future of Arizona dairy, and Franklin Foods West is proud to have the Dugan’s, and all of the family farmers of UDA as suppliers.

So, to answer the question, “Yes, there are dairy cows in Arizona…about 175,000 of them.” Visit the Dairy Council of Arizona website and learn more about Arizona family farmers.

Rocco Cardinale

Rocco has over 15 years of marketing and branding experience in the food and beverage, and consumer packaged goods industry. His background stretches from founding a specialty coffee company in California to his current role as vice president of marketing for Franklin Foods, an innovative dairy products manufacturer.

3rd Annual Vermont Cheesemakers Festival Is Fast Approaching

June 29th, 2011 (franklin)

Vermont Cheesemakers FestivalCelebrate the best of Vermont at the 3rd Annual Vermont Cheesemakers’ Festival is fast approaching and with over 40 cheesemakers, 20 wineries and brewers, 15 artisan food producers, 3 tasting seminars, live cooking shows and demos, and 100 cheeses to sample and purchase this is a can’t miss event.  Sunday, July 24, 2011 at the Coach Barn of Shelburne Farms.

Franklin Foods Awarded Business of the Year for 2010

November 22nd, 2010 (franklin)

Franklin Foods would like to thank the Franklin County Industrial Development Corporation for awarding us Vermont’s “Franklin County Business of the Year” for 2010. Being acknowledged for our company commitment to our employees, community and manufacturing facility investments in New England’s largest milk shed and dairy county is a tremendous honor.  Also, a special thanks to the entire Franklin Foods team!

Click here and access the official press release on

“Did you leave room for dessert?”

September 28th, 2009 (franklin)

Why at the end of every restaurant meal is this same question (or something very simliar) being asked?   Well, it happened to me (again) last Saturday night and I tend to have the same answer, “No, I think we are fine.”  I wonder how many restaurant diners are asked this same or similiar question at the end of every restaurant meal across the U.S. and respond this exact same way?   At $8 – $12 for a dessert in most nicer restaurants a couple of “Yeses” could really help boost the check average and regain some lost sales due to less diners.  As a diner I want to be sold on dessert.  As an ingredient manufacturer I have a stake in the game as well.  I would love to change the way desserts are sold in the U.S.  and create the “No” Proof Dessert (thinking out loud here).  Does it need to be lower in calories?; or have less fat?; and, of course still be decadent.  The current way to sell desserts across the U.S. needs a fresh approach.  Since our mission is to Re-Invent Cream Cheese, we might just have the solution.

“Cream Cheese Season” has officially arrived

September 25th, 2009 (franklin)

Well, “Cream Cheese Season” has officially arrived.  That’s what we call the months of September – January around here.  Just when the weather starts to change, kids are back in the swing of it at school, and the holidays appear right around the corner. Did I just say holidays? Only 62 days until Thanksgiving!

Make it easy on yourselves and leave the holiday snacking and appetizers to us.  Our new Green Mountain Farms Gourmet Dips and Spreads are hitting the shelves in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast.   Checkout our Green Mountain Farms recipe page for a few delicious ideas.