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Author Mark Hughes from the RCA Tradeshow- “MOOSE BALLS” SAMPLES WERE A CO-BRANDING HIT

April 27th, 2010 (franklin)

RCA Show: Samples and Giveaways

March 31, 2010Author Mark Hughes

A wide range of ingredient companies captured the attention of the corporate chefs and culinary execs at the 2010 Research Chefs Association (RCA) conference in Phoenix. As usual, the chefs ate up nearly all of the food samples offered at the Expo booths and at an array of on- and off-site events.

The food sample that got the most attention and buzz were Moose Ballsat the Gum Technology booth. The company promoted its Moose Balls prior to the show through press releases, postcards and its Web site. The show sample was a delicious chocolate mousse, created by Executive Chef Jason R. Gronlund, senior director of culinary at Carla’s Pasta, featuring Gum’s stabilizing ingredient. In a great co-branding collaboration, the mousse also contained yogurt cream cheese by Franklin Foods and flavorings by Kerry.


Mark Hughes of Anderson Partners Advertising Discusses Blogging in the Food Industry

April 27th, 2010 (franklin)

Does your company utilize a blog? Has this been a successful tactic for you?

April 7, 2010Author Mark Hughes

Blogs are considered one of many social media tools in the mix that can provide targeted information to customers/prospects. Like most social media tools, blogs offer an outlet for conversations that are relaxed and informal—and consequently more open and inviting. Blogs provide an opportunity for your company to present a new face and to relate to your customers on a new level.

The key to any successful blog is to provide targeted, relevant information on a consistent basis. Blogs can be utilized in a number of ways—to ignite meaningful conversations, share ideas that will help others with their business and gain feedback on your products/services.

To promote your blog, consider using the following tactics: public relations, collateral at trade shows, banner ads, your own Web site, e-mail blasts, social media tools, and RSS and e-mail subscriptions.

Some food ingredient company blogs I have come across are listed here. I will continue to build this list as I hear about them. These provide a good idea of the different kinds of voices that blogs can take. Let me know if you’ve seen other interesting food ingredient blogs you’d like us to share.





Franklin Foods is Getting Ready for Research Chefs Association Conference

February 23rd, 2010 (franklin)

As we prepare for the upcoming Research Chefs Association Annual Conference and Culinology Expo, March 17-20 in Arizona, an article written last month in the Wall Street Journal on large chain restaurants efforts to offer lower calorie menu items seems pretty timely to share and fits into our Re-Inventing Cream Cheese mission.  Article link:  Hope to see you in Arizona.

“Did you leave room for dessert?”

September 28th, 2009 (franklin)

Why at the end of every restaurant meal is this same question (or something very simliar) being asked?   Well, it happened to me (again) last Saturday night and I tend to have the same answer, “No, I think we are fine.”  I wonder how many restaurant diners are asked this same or similiar question at the end of every restaurant meal across the U.S. and respond this exact same way?   At $8 – $12 for a dessert in most nicer restaurants a couple of “Yeses” could really help boost the check average and regain some lost sales due to less diners.  As a diner I want to be sold on dessert.  As an ingredient manufacturer I have a stake in the game as well.  I would love to change the way desserts are sold in the U.S.  and create the “No” Proof Dessert (thinking out loud here).  Does it need to be lower in calories?; or have less fat?; and, of course still be decadent.  The current way to sell desserts across the U.S. needs a fresh approach.  Since our mission is to Re-Invent Cream Cheese, we might just have the solution.