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Author Craig Espelien: Brand Your Private Label!

March 3rd, 2011 (franklin)

Shielding isn’t the best way for you to grow equity for your private label brands or your stores. Here’s why.

By Craig Espelien

Which is the better way to promote your private label brands: shielding, or branding?

For our purposes here, let’s call “shielding” the protection of store brands’ price image by reducing their shelf prices whenever a like item from a national brand goes on sale. Some say the like item should be placed alongside the advertised national brand in the circular and on display.

We’ll call “branding” the treatment of the private brand as a stand-alone with its own structured marketing and merchandising platform. In other words, it doesn’t rely on the national brand to dictate promotional windows. (Okay — I am a proponent of pre-empting the brand by putting the private brand in the ad and on display a week before the major national brand will appear.)

While neither approach is right or wrong, let’s explore how consumers shop and the impact each choice has on their purchase patterns.

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