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Tapping Into Employee Creativity – Article by Damian Killen

January 27th, 2012 (franklin)

Author Damien Killen writes a timely article on the hot topic of innovation, idea creation and personality types. Thanks to Damien for including the marketing of Hahn’s Yogurt Cream Cheese in the article.  Click here for entire article.

Article Excerpt

Innovation is the lifeblood of survival in business, yet it is oftentime one of the hardest things for companies to achieve. We see it all the time – a company takes great pains to amass the industry’s top talent, only to reap lackluster results from its all-star team.

Different – Different ideas are the rare projects that no one else has thought of before and have few, if any, predecssors or roots to trace. These ideas often meet resistance, especially in organizations with “not-invented-here” syndrome.

The mp3 player presented and entirely new mode of consuming music, and to some degree, Apples’ idea to market the device as sexy and cool, are innovations that redefined a whole industry.

Other examples of Different ideas are as grand as the Internet or as small as Hahn’s marketing of yogurt cream cheese.