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Congratulations to Jason’s Deli on Being Named “Best Restaurant in America” by Parents Magazine

March 11th, 2011 (franklin)

Parents Magazine has named Jason’s Deli the “Best Restaurant in America” in their March issue.

1. Jason’s Deli

225 locations in 28 states, mostly in the Mid-Atlantic, South, and Southeast

You’ll be thrilled with the ingredients. This inexpensive, family-friendly spot serves up organic produce, nitrate-free lunch meat, and whole-grain bread on both its kids’ and adult menus. Last year, it became the only restaurant chain in the country to ban high-fructose corn syrup and artificial colors in all its food. “With the food dyes out of our mac ‘n’ cheese, for instance, it’s no longer bright orange, but our taste tests show kids prefer the new version,” says Pat Herring, director of research and development.

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March is National Nutrition Month!

March 4th, 2011 (franklin)

National Nutrition MonthAccording to the American Dietetic Association, trends continue to indicate Americans are interested in improving their diets and leading more healthful lifestyles, the American Dietetic Association reminds everyone that an easy way to focus on eating better is to “Eat Right with Color,” which is this year’s theme of National Nutrition Month®. Each March, ADA focuses attention on returning to the basics of healthy eating. This year’s National Nutrition Month theme encourages consumers to remember to include a colorful variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and dairy on their plates every day.  Access the entire article at

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Author Craig Espelien: Brand Your Private Label!

March 3rd, 2011 (franklin)

Shielding isn’t the best way for you to grow equity for your private label brands or your stores. Here’s why.

By Craig Espelien

Which is the better way to promote your private label brands: shielding, or branding?

For our purposes here, let’s call “shielding” the protection of store brands’ price image by reducing their shelf prices whenever a like item from a national brand goes on sale. Some say the like item should be placed alongside the advertised national brand in the circular and on display.

We’ll call “branding” the treatment of the private brand as a stand-alone with its own structured marketing and merchandising platform. In other words, it doesn’t rely on the national brand to dictate promotional windows. (Okay — I am a proponent of pre-empting the brand by putting the private brand in the ad and on display a week before the major national brand will appear.)

While neither approach is right or wrong, let’s explore how consumers shop and the impact each choice has on their purchase patterns.

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Mintel: Customers Want Healthful and Convenient Breakfasts

March 2nd, 2011 (franklin)

Restaurant chains looking to build morning daypart sales should add better-for-you options to their menus, and look for ways to improve convenience, according to a new consumer survey by market research firm Mintel.

Chicago-based Mintel projects an industrywide 4.1-percent increase in total breakfast sales in 2011. It also found that two-thirds of restaurant goers say they want more healthful breakfast options and 50 percent said convenience is an important factor in selecting a breakfast spot.

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PLMA Live! Insight with Phil Lempert – Supermarket Guru

March 2nd, 2011 (franklin)

According to Store Brands Decisions, national brands are fighting hard to win back market share gains made by private label. Veteran industry analyst Phil Lempert, known as the SupermarketGuru, foresees big changes coming in the battle of the brands and the retail landscape. Watch the interview. Franklin Foods is the second largest Retail Private Label manufacturer of cream cheese in the United States and is a supplier to nationally recognized accounts.

21 Healthiest Packaged Foods on ABC News Good Morning America

March 1st, 2011 (franklin)

By Laurie Benner. asked registered dietitians and food bloggers for their favorite new and healthy packaged foods, editor-in-chief Diane Salvatore told “GMA.” The magazine tasted (and tasted) and then compiled a list of top choices — 21 in all.  Watch the segment.